Heart Song – A Web Serial
The ballad of the Ambassador


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It is the year SE 2089 on the distant colony planet Mem.

A fifteen year ceasefire between the Human Race and the aquatic Selk has begun to fray as both sides chafe under the ceasefire's terms and extreamists on both sides lie in wait. More than willing to reginite the war and finish what it started and end all life on the Planet Mem.

To Yujo Sippe Palms that was the last thing on her mind untill a chance encounter with a pod of Selk leads to her discovering the Selk's biggest secret.

Now caught between two worlds that can not survive a revival of conflict, Yujo must make the case for peace between the two races.

And to do that, she needs to sing.

Heart Song: The ballad of the Ambassador updates every Friday


Haitus: For a want of an editor.

30th October 2017

OK, it’s November and I owe everyone an explanation.

At the start of the haitus, I had gotten into contact with an editor who would edit Heart Song to a mirror sheene. Unforuntaely this fell through rather spectaculary.

This has meant that production haulted on Heart Song for longer than I wanted. I am still looking for an editor but that means that it could be late November before that even begins to come to furition.

I will have to keep Heart Song on Haitus for a little while longer whilst we get these teething pains sorted as I wish to bring out the best product possible.

I understand that this is a disapointment to people following this serial and for that I can only appolgise.